Deans List


The Dean’s List recognizes academic achievement within a single semester. To be eligible for the Dean’s List, a student must be in good academic standing, matriculated, and receive a term grade point average of 3.5 in a minimum of 12 graded units. In the Spring 2023 semester, there were 40 honorees. Congratulations on this achievement! The hard work you have put into your studies will be invaluable in your future endeavors. I wish you continued success in your academic career.
Name Surname Studying Year
Aleksandre Jaoshvili Graduated
Aleksandre Toklikishvili Graduated
Ana Gogelia Graduated
Ana Nozadze Graduated
Andro Mazmishvili Graduated
Anna Phankvelashvili Graduated
Anri Aleksandria Graduated
Besarioni Dgebuadze Graduated
David Gogia Graduated
Diana Daraselia Graduated
Elene Japoshvili Graduated
Elene Paitchadze Graduated
Erekle Shatirishvili Graduated
Giorgi Gurchiani Graduated
Giorgi Jijieshvili Graduated
Giorgi Molodini Graduated
Giorgi Morchadze Graduated
Giorgi Nareshelashvili Graduated
Giorgi Turdziladze Graduated
Giorgi Vacheishvili Graduated
Givi Kadagishvili Graduated
Iakobi Kvantrishvili Graduated
Ioane Maglakelidze Graduated
Ioane Mania Graduated
Irakli Turabelidze Graduated
Irakli Tvalavadze Graduated
Iva Machabeli Graduated
Kakha Davitashvili Graduated
Kesaria Tevdorashvili Graduated
Ketevan Kutchava Graduated
Lasha Nakashidze Graduated
Lika Diasamidze Graduated
Lika Zurabiani Graduated
Lizi Kenchoshvili Graduated
Lizi Sharikadze Graduated
Luka Buskandze Graduated
Luka Mikhanashvili Graduated
Mariam Nozadze Graduated
Mariami Akhvlediani Graduated
Mariami Bikashvili Graduated
Mariami Utiashvili Graduated
Mea Chikovani Graduated
Mikheil Kvizhinadze Graduated
Nana Khurtsidze Graduated
Nino Khundzakishvili Graduated
Nodari Beridze Graduated
Nodari Nebunishvili Graduated
Nutsa Tsirekidze Graduated
Saba Kotolashvili Graduated
Salome Kikalishvili Graduated
Salome Mikeladze Graduated
Salome Sulkhanishvili Graduated
Sandro Chitadze Graduated
Shalva Butkhuzi Graduated
Tamar Shamugia Graduated
Tamta Tavartkiladze Graduated
Tatia Salukvadze Graduated
Tsisia Lomkatsi Graduated