Dr. Baris Aksanli

Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
San Diego State University

I am currently an assistant professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at San Diego State University. Previously, I was a postdoctoral researcher in Computer Science and Engineering Department at University of California,San Diego. I obtained my PhD degree from the same university in March 2015. My advisor was Prof. Tajana Rosing. I was a member of System Energy Efficiency Lab (Seelab). My research interests are context aware cyber-physical systems, energy efficient systems, embedded devices and the Internet of Things.

You can reach me at my SDSU email and view the details of my projects on my LinkedIn page. I worked in several large-scale research centers, including Multi Scale Systems Center (MuSyC)TerraSwarm Research Center,Center for Networked Systems (CNS) and the collaborators of my projects include Google, Microsoft, Panasonic, Intel, IBM.

Prospective Students

I am looking for highly motivated PhD students to work with me on research projects in the areas of energy-efficient large-scale systems, Internet-of-Things (IoT), cyber-physical systems and embedded systems. If you are interested in above areas, please email me your resume and let me know which topics you are interested in. You can find more information about the SDSU-UCSD Joint PhD Program here. The expected deadline for the next application cycle (Fall 2019) is February 15th, 2019. You can find more information here.