Igor Timchenko, PhD in Civil Engineering, Courses in SDSU of Georgia:- Introduction to solid mechanics;  Structural analysis; Design of steel structures. Work experience since 1982: Institute of K. Zavriev Institute of Structural Mechanics and Earthquake Engineering of the Georgian Academy of Sciences; Leading Engineer in "Transproject" Ltd. In 2003-2004; Engineer-designer at J.A.Jones Construction Ltd. during the construction of the US Embassy building in Tbilisi; 2009-2015 - Senior Structural Engineer at Hill International Ltd. in Baku. Since 2015 Chief Engineer in "Progresi" Ltd; since 2018 FEA Senior Engineer at CUBICON Ltd. Participated in international scientific and engineering projects with the support of NATO, INTAS, USAID, EURASIA, TACIS, World Bank. For years he participated in the development of many projects of buildings and structures - Batumi Plaza (2007-2008), House by the Pool (2008), Akhali Gldani Complex in Kerchi St. (2017-2020) and others (Chief SE); In technical expertises of buildings and structures, in numerical analyses and technical expertizes of structures - Sports Palace, Dinamo Stadium, Tbilisi Central, Gallery Tbilisi, Panorama Tbilisi (2017), Hotel Marriott-Courtyard, Hotel Tbilisi-Marriott, Batumi Technical University Tall Building (2012), Reconstruction of Pravda Sanatorium and Coastal Buildings (Kavgiprotrans Ltd, Sochi, 1998-2003), Baku Flame Towers Buildings in Baku, Baku Ministry of Taxation (2013-2014), Baku Yeni Hayat Complex (2014 ) and many others. Participated in the analysis of the consequences of the Spitak and Racha earthquakes; In the analysis of consequences of the 25.04.2002 Tbilisi earthquake, in the calculation of the dynamic soil response in the territory of Tbilisi and in the compilation of maps (Center for Applied Geophysics, Engineering Seismology and Seismic Protection of Buildings, 2003). Participates in the development of the National Annex to the Eurocodes. Scientific interests include Nonlinear Time History Analyses (NLTHA), Soil Seismic Response Analyses, Discrete and Probabilistic Analysis of Soil Seismic Stability.