Dr. Nana Dikhaminjia

Dr. Nana Dikhaminjia contributes San Diego State University Georgia STEM programs as a Computer Engineering professor. Dr. Dikhaminjia is also professor at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Engineering at Ilia State University, where she serves as a head of Computer Engineering programs. Dr. Dikhaminjia received her Master Degree in Applied Mathematics at Sokhumi Branch of Tbilisi State University and her PhD in Computational Mathematics at Tbilisi State University. Before joining Ilia State University, she worked as a visiting Assistant Research Professor at Electromagnetic Laboratory of Missouri University of Science and Technology. She’s still involved in scientific projects with the EMC Laboratory. Dr. Dikhaminjia is an author of several scientific papers, participates in international research and has a long experience of working with industry projects. She is an expert of authorization and accreditation of HEIs’ at National Center for Educational Quality Enhancement of Georgia. She currently works on the projects related to Digital Signal Processing, Signal Integrity and Multi-level Signals.