Date: 2021-11-11

Faculty Development Program Association Award Ceremony

On November 10, 2021 SDSU Georgia hosted another Faculty Development Program Association (FADEPA) award ceremony, where the distinguished members of the SDSU Georgia faculty were awarded Certificates of Recognition by Dean of SDSU Georgia, Dr. Halil Guven, and Tertiary Education Project Director at Millennium Foundation, Dr. Nodar Surguladze.

Certificates were awarded to Dr. Nana Dikhaminjia (Ilia State University), Dr. Erekle Magradze (Ilia State University), Dr. Ana Goletiani (Georgian Technical University), and Dr. Marina Soselia (Tbilisi State University).

Faculty Development activities are conducted as a part of the capacity building strategy for SDSU-G project. Each semester, Georgian faculty nominated by their respective partner universities are selected to visit the home campus to build familiarity with SDSU curricula, develop teaching skills within specific courses that they might later assist with or teach in Georgia, develop laboratory skills, an understanding of SDSU’s assessment practices, and to build collaborations with SDSU faculty, both in terms of teaching and research. During these visits, each of the visiting faculty members are paired with a faculty member in their discipline on home campus. The SDSU host serves in a mentoring capacity during the visit and afterwards, when the Georgian faculty starts teaching in the SDSU-G programs. First cohort of Georgian faculty visited SDSU home campus in summer 2014. There have been eleven cohorts since.

Total number of the faculty members trained is 101. Two more cohorts are scheduled to visit SDSU main campus for training until 2023. Out of the 101 trained participants, 73 have taught in SDSU Georgia programs.