Georgia hosts international 2018 WiSci Girls STEAM camp


On August 12-25, 2018 Georgia hosted a WiSci (Women in Science) STEAM Camp for the first time. 100 high school girls from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and the United States were invited to the camp to enhance their STEAM skills, craft their leadership potential, build camaraderie and network with leaders in STEAM that will propel them to new opportunities.

Campers learned about mobile application development, coding, microbiology and a variety of other STEAM related fields and were able to put theoretical knowledge into practice via team projects. WiSci camp bridges the gender gap within the STEAM sphere by providing girls with access to STEAM education, mentorship opportunities and leadership training. “Within the project we had access to a huge modern technology base,” said SDSU Georgia junior Tako Kerdikoshvili. “For me, the most exciting experience was conducting experiments and simulations with representatives of the American microbiology community."

The camp was hosted by Girl Up, U.S. Department of State’s Office of Global Partnerships, Millennium Challenge Corporation, Intel and Google. Seven SDSU Georgia students were selected as counselors, helping to organize the camp and describe to campers their personal experiences in STEAM academics. "I will never forget the emotions I had when I entered WiSci camp. I worked among the best of the best,” said SDSU Georgia senior Nina Mikadze. “I was convinced that being a counselor at this camp would change me as a person and expand my views, and that is exactly what happened.”