#IamSDSU campaign


SDSU Georgia joins the #IamSDSU campaign and announces a social media photo competition for students!

We are pleased to inform you that SDSU Georgia is joining the #IamSDSU campaign. The campaign started at the SDSU main campus to increase the awareness of SDSU’s active role in the community. The campaign motto in Georgia is #IamSDSUinGeorgia. It focuses on SDSU’s global presence and showcases SDSU’s achievements overseas, in the country of Georgia.

To join the campaign, SDSU Georgia office produced a special #IamSDSUinGeorgia video that features SDSU Georgia students, faculty and staff.

In addition, SDSU Georgia is announcing a student photography competition. Students can take a photo featuring the #IamSDSUinGeorgia campaign, and students whose photos generate the most likes on Facebook and Instagram will be awarded with special prizes from SDSU Georgia. The most creative photos of the campaign will be shared on SDSU Georgia’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

All SDSU Georgia students can participate in the competition. To participate, take a photo of a feature or person related to the campaign and post it on Facebook or Instagram with hashtags #IamSDSU and #IamSDSUinGeorgia. The top 10 most “liked” photos will receive awards.

Special #IamSDSU banners will be available for students near classrooms for photo opportunities. We wish you good luck and look forward to your creative photos!