Date: 2023-12-22

SDSU-G students exploring GITA

SDSU-G freshmen had a chance of taking a breather during final exams week. The Project Manager at GITA shared insights into a world of possibilities GITA offers to the individuals who are eager to delve into the realms of innovation and technology.

The Georgian Agency for Innovation and Technology’s goal is to create an effective system in Georgia whereby innovation and technology can be developed, as well as to promote the commercialization of innovative knowledge in order to incorporate the latest technologies into all economic sectors and to create the necessary platform for innovative development.

In order to complete its goals effectively, the Agency prioritizes investing in the development of the infrastructure needed for innovation, which has been demonstrated by the opening of technoparks, innovation centers and industrial laboratories. It also continuously strives to develop tools to support the commercialization of innovation and technology, to achieve a high rate of internet access across the country, to provide high quality training, and to provide incentives to encourage innovation and technology development.