Date: 2020-05-11

SDSU Georgia's Alumni Association Established!

SDSU Georgia graduated its first cohort of students in summer 2019, 40% with academic honor. To stay connected with our alumni and provide continuous Career and Employment Services, SDSU Georgia has set up an Alumni Association that will be operated by the graduates themselves. The purpose of the Association is to share experience and conduct workshops. Alumni Association will work with the SDSU Georgia’s Associated Students Board and current students, as well as the university administration to receive and provide career advising and share career opportunities with the SDSU Georgia community.

SDSU Georgia alumni have been very successful in their academic and professional careers. To keep the ongoing communication, in March, SDSU Georgia organized virtual elections for the President and Vice President of the Alumni Association.

➤ Giorgi Kviria, a Computer Engineering program graduate of SDSU Georgia was elected the first President of the SDSU Georgia Alumni Association.

➤ Mariam Gagua, a Computer Engineering program alumna was elected the first Vice President of the Board.

Elected members of the Alumni Association: Otari Rurua (Electrical Engineering), Nino Grigalashvili (Computer Engineering), Keti Kvirikashvili (Computer Engineering), Mariam Basilaia (Chemistry), Luka Lomtadze (Computer Engineering), and Mikheil Dgebuadze (Chemistry).

Board members plan to schedule virtual meetings with their friends from all over the world to create an action plan and strengthen links between the graduates, as well as throughout the SDSU Georgia student community.

SDSU Georgia is a proud alma mater of this group of exceptional individuals and we are thrilled to start working with them. Through the joint operation, we hope to once again demonstrate to the current students and the general public that STEM skills are the future of the current job market, in Georgia and internationally.