Date: 2022-10-03

#StudentSuccess - Nodari Nebunishvili

My name is Nodari Nebunishvili, and I am a senior student at San Diego State University in Georgia, majoring in Biochemistry. In my childhood, I always dreamed of becoming a successful scientist. I wanted to work in a laboratory, create and analyze substances that would one day help us alleviate global problems and serve the people around the world to reduce global hunger, eliminate energy crises, and accelerate scientific-medical advancement. Since I applied to SDSU when I was just a high school student, it has given me a significant opportunity to fulfil my childhood dream and think of it in terms of the future ahead of me.

Today as an SDSU Georgia student, I have achieved several of my life goals. I am now a young, independent researcher in the field of antibiotics and bacteriophages. That will serve as a basic guideline for the future of my research in pharmacology and antibiotic resistance, which can then be applied to treating a number of bacterial diseases across the globe. Secondly, with the help of the SDSU international and Georgian scientific community and ACS (American Chemical Society), my research will successfully continue and be used as a template to advance the technique and create a brand new, completely innovative technology.

In my free time, I always motivate myself to share the knowledge I have with others dreaming and seeing themselves as a part of the massive medical, scientific, or engineering industry. Therefore, I have created a blog (*Chemistry #NN) where I post several of my studies and chemistry-related content to share with the young scientific community in Georgia. Moreover, the platform that I have online gave an opportunity for the chemistry or biology teachers to keep up with the scientific world news and always be informed about the current achievements.

As an SDSU student, I have the privilege to be presented to various high-profile organizations or corporations for the career and recruitment purposes. I am lucky to have been hired by one of the prominent international pharmaceutical and regulatory companies with the help of SDSU Georgia's Career Center.

Little about my future career plans: I am currently continuing my studies in the U.S. at the main campus of SDSU and plan work for several interesting Ph.D. doctoral researches offered by the most qualified professors and lecturers in chemistry and biochemistry.