Program Objectives

San Diego State University's Bachelor of Science in Chemistry/Biochemistry addresses the entire subject domain, including analytical, organic, inorganic, physical, and biochemistry with an emphasis in laboratory study and practical application. Chemistry/Biochemistry's viability as a career choice is evident given the field's countless contributions to society, and the many employment opportunities with which it is associated. Chemistry/Biochemistry provides exciting and rewarding careers in evaluating environmental problems, developing new pharmaceuticals, finding alternative energy sources, creating new processes and products, studying the nature of matter, just to name a few. Every level of industry and government has high demand for chemists, and many SDSU chemistry graduates even start their own businesses. The San Diego State University Chemistry program is certified by the American Chemical Society (ASC) and its B. S. degree is modified with an emphasis in biochemistry.

Teaching Methodology 

The San Diego State University chemistry curriculum offers students an atypical amount of hands-on laboratory experience. Laboratories provide hours of small class instruction with experienced instructors. The program's students will learn a wide range of current techniques, use sophisticated instruments (NMR, HPLC, GC, MS, etc.) and gain experience through group problem solving. As a result, our graduates are highly sought out by graduate schools, government laboratories, and industry. Many students participate in a senior capstone project in which they work in a research laboratory with a faculty member of their choice. Senior projects often lead to presentations at chemistry meetings, as well as publications in respected chemistry journals.

Career Opportunities

San Diego State University Chemistry/Biochemistry graduates are sought out by leading biotechnology, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and electronic companies, as well as governmental agencies and crime laboratories. A large number of graduates go on to teach at universities, community colleges and high schools.


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