Computer Science

Program Objectives

San Diego State University's Bachelor of Science in Computer Science opens doors to careers that affect nearly every aspect of society. The major is designed to provide students a fundamental understanding of modern computing methodology and programming practices along with a complementary knowledge of hardware. Computer Science includes a wide variety of specialties and application areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, graphics, systems programming, simulation and computer networks.

Teaching Methodology

The first year of courses focuses on the fundamentals of programming. The second year will begin to focus on more specialized courses, learning about how computers function, as well as advanced and efficient ways of organizing information. The upper division courses teach several different computer languages, as well as elements of circuit design and how to operate systems such as Windows and UNIX function. Every computer science student will have the opportunity to complete a senior capstone project with faculty members, taking greater advantage of the facilities and focusing more in depth on a specific specialty or application.

Career Opportunities

The long-term outlook for those pursuing careers in computer science is favorable. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, computer science and related careers are projected to be among the fastest growing occupations over the next ten years. Computer science includes a wide variety of specialties and application areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, graphics, systems
programming, simulation and computer networks. Computing technology is found in an almost limitless number of settings, ranging from automobiles to household appliances to toys. Because of this, a wide range of jobs is open to people trained in computer science. Employment opportunities are expected to remain very strong.


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