Construction Engineering

Program Objectives

San Diego State University's Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering reflects a collaborative effort between the construction industry and the university to provide effective and vigorous workforce development. The program emphasizes the following teaching objectives:

  • A core educational curriculum emphasizing the theory and practice of construction engineering and management of construction enterprises.
  • A diverse general education curriculum to support the application of intellectual curiosity to a sometimes hidebound industry.

Construction is a broad profession requiring the ability to skillfully balance the technical demands of the profession (design of production systems, safe execution of  required work within a budget and schedule) with the needs of the larger society. 

Teaching Methodology

The curriculum builds upon concepts of mathematics, physics, chemistry and basic engineering with specialized study in construction engineering. It also creates an interdisciplinary background and skills to meaningfully participate in and contribute technical advances toward this profession. The program integrates technical aspects with studies in the social sciences and humanities to ensure appropriate sensitivity to socially related problems. Engineering design is emphasized, particularly in conjunction with computer utilization and practical engineering problems, and aspects of safety and engineering ethics are woven throughout the program. All students are required to participate in a “Capstone design” course that emphasizes teamwork, consideration of economic and social factors, oral and written communication and creative thinking.

Career Opportunities

Similar to civil engineering, construction engineering is a broad profession with many opportunities for employment, especially in the infrastructure and development sectors. The department maintains close links with industry to assure that our programs remain relevant and meet industry needs. These links also help to develop opportunities for our students.


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