Student Clubs

Student clubs are an integral part of the overall educational experience for SDSU Georgia students. The clubs are created by students and cover a variety of subjects. All students are invited to participate in one or more of the following clubs in order to enhance their personal, professional, and educational growth.

Artificial intelligence (AI) Club

AI Club provides an insightful environment that fosters the development of new and reliable forms of AI within the SDSU Georgia community.  

Basketball Club

The SDSU Georgia Basketball Club was one of the first sports clubs. This club is for anyone who loves basketball and wants to play the game (at any level). They host an annual inter-major competition where students can compete with their classmates.

Board Game and Chess Club

The SDSU Georgia Board Game and Chess Club is a place where students can relax and entertain themselves. Playing board games increases creativity and self-confidence and improves memory, cognitive skills, and communication skills. The variety of games and activities available to students through this club will put them into different kinds of social situations and improve their teamwork skills.

Cycling Club

The purpose of Cycling Club is to promote an active lifestyle and give students a chance to relax, travel, and have a good time with friends. Cycling will show students the importance of a healthy lifestyle, especially in Tbilisi where air pollution is high. This club will give students the chance to travel ecologically and have a good time. 

Hiking Club

The purpose of Hiking Club is to promote a healthy lifestyle and give students an opportunity to relax, travel, and spend time in nature. 

Math, Physics, and Quantum Mechanics Club

MPQM will educate its members in math, physics, and quantum mechanics by giving students space to teach one another. They discuss MPQM phenomena, share thoughts on the future of these fields, and test out new ideas, theories, and theses. MPQM Club is designed to encourage students to learn and to have fun doing it. 

Personal Wellness Club

Personal Wellness Club is an initiative designed to support students, acknowledge their perspectives, open up conversations about stress, mental health, taboos, and more. The Personal Wellness Club is largely focused on giving back, developing gratitude, supporting each other and developing bonds and traits that will personally develop each member.

Rugby Club

Rugby Club is encouraging a healthy lifestyle among STEM students, who spend a lot of their time sitting and studying, which is detrimental to students’ psychological and physical wellbeing. Rugby Club is also following in the footsteps of the SDSU by developing leadership skills among students.